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Steven Spellman

You should never judge a book by its cover. As well, you should never judge a writer by his bio. With that being said, Steven Spellman is writer for readers who enjoy stories of lust, of deception, stories of redemption, of love and stories of horrors. Born in East Orange, New Jersey, Steven Spellman has been a drug dealer, a prisoner, an armed felon, a college student, a father, a husband, a sinner, a saint. Like everyone else Steven Spellman has worn many hats, but never any so well fitted as a writer. His ongoing struggle with life is a personification of the fact that You Should Never Judge a Book by its Cover; you may miss the whole story.

My Name Is Legion
 By Steven Spellman
He could  tell that something was agitating Mrs. Kelly, making her weird and more anxious. Once she’d managed to park the bus, finally, Mrs. Kelly stood to her feet, turned to the kids, and motioned quickly for everyone to follow her off. Only Andrew heard her whisper, “Not much time…not much time at all…” as she stepped off of the bus. The kids exited the bus slowly, most of them looking dazed and confused in the darkness. An adult had always meant safety on any field trip but there had always been more than one adult and this adult was suddenly acting very strangely. None of the kids wanted to remain on the dark bus alone, though; they felt as if they were stuck in-between a rock and a hard place.
            Meanwhile, Mrs. Kelly stood still now, away from the bus, still looking around anxiously. She gazed steadily toward the house. Her lips moved as if she were talking to someone. Then, suddenly, she turned toward the kids. Her eyes were wider than ever but the nervous tick was gone. “Alright kids, line up, line up!” she demanded harshly “There not much time…not much time at all…it’s been too long already!” No one knew what she was talking about and no one asked, as Mrs. Kelly physically harangued the kids into a line. Once she had gotten everyone lined up she looked over the line and took a deep breath. She seemed immensely relieved that it was finally done. Then she grimaced, “This isn’t everyone...who’s missing?!!” she yelled toward the bus.
            On the bus, Andrew shivered as he huddled himself tightly upon the floor, pressed against the wall, in-between the first two seats. He had retreated there as soon as he’d noticed Mrs. Kelly ‘talking’ to someone in the shadows. Someone that wasn’t there. In all the confusion he’d gone unnoticed. He’d hoped against hope to remain that way. “Who’s missing?!!” Mrs. Kelly bellowed. Andrew knew that soon she would walk back onto the bus and find him. He’d never imagined Mrs. Kelly as frightening, but now, in this oppressive blackness, he could imagine her doing all types of terrible things to him. Demonic things. She did seem to be possessed with some strange new energy now that she was here. “Who’s MISSING!” Mrs. Kelly was close now. Andrew would feel the weight of the bus shift just slightly as she stepped into the door, any moment.
Andrew stood quickly and rushed down the steps, intending to head Mrs. Kelly off.  “I’m sorry, Mrs. Kelly…” he pleaded “I just…I just…I’m sorry…” He hadn’t realized he was crying. Instantly, he thought of how he must look to the other kids, balling like a baby just because they were somewhere dark! He began to wipe at his face furiously, but he stopped when he noticed the silence. There was no tittering, no scoffing, no crude jokes. Everyone else was so frightened themselves that they dared not make a sound. It made the darkness even heavier to Andrew. He looked up to find Mrs. Kelly. She stood to the back of the line, hidden in shadow, right now no more than two small faintly glistening orbs staring on at Andrew. She stepped forward and to Andrew it looked like her head and body just materialized out of formlessness in the darkness, around those small floating orbs.

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