Make Your Own Writing Prompt Game

Have a go at making your own writing prompt game

Our writing prompt game can be played with a group to liven up a dinner party, or you can play alone as a writing exercise. 

You will need:

5 paper cups (or bowls or anything that can hold scraps of paper)

Pen and paper for each player

A regular six sided dice (optional)

You might want to make your own board like the one shown below (optional, and feel free to print this one)


Each player should write down 6 prompts for each of the following categories on scraps of paper:


For inspiration, why not take a look at our Daily Writing Prompt page?

Fold up each prompt and put them in a corresponding cup, giving the cup a good shake to mix them up. Label the cups, or stand them on the correct spot on the board. 

How to play:

Each player takes it in turn to randomly pick either a pre-agreed set number of prompts from each cup, or you can roll a dice to determine how many to take from each cup.
Once each player has selected from every cup they attempt to write a short story incorporating all of their prompts. 

Share your stories with each other and have a good laugh at the inventive ways the prompts have been introduced.

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