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American Blues by Evan Guilford-Blake

A collection of short stories by our first Writer of the Month 

The Blues are rooted in the American mind and soul. Each era has its own, and each is both the same and different, just like the people who know them, and play them, and live them. Here are five powerful stories exploring that mind and soul as they've evolved over the last seventy years. 

Quitting the Grave by Decater Collins                                        

Three stories that span more than 150 years of American history,                

united by a shocking mystery. How far will those responsible go 
to keep their secrets buried?

Frank Winston by Jacob Power

Two elderly ex-cons, Frank and Winston, are trying to stay on the                 straight and narrow but want extra money. This desire leads them 
to purchase of a "customized van" the two set out to find their 
fortune by utilizing a bounty system on nutria rats that have 
plagued the southern marshes of Louisiana. Though this is a
illegal, they cannot resist the thought of easy money from 
something other than their day jobs. These two grumpy old men
tend to give each other as much trouble as they find themselves
in when they are recruited to transport stolen goods for Curt Ferrero, 
a mid level gangster. With the prospect of fast money for an easy job
the two men accept. However, Frank and Winston find themselves in
a complicated situation.

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