House Style for Submitted Stories

Please note:

We request that when you edit your short stories, you try to implement our house style. This is so that the winning stories that are published in the anthology have some uniformity. We will not discard your story for not following the house style, but it would be incredibly helpful to us if you do. Obviously we will allow for some differences, for example italics for emphasis, capitals for shouting etc, and major differences would be addressed (if you were to win) prior to publication.

House Style

All stories must be sent as a Word document

Please begin with your story title half-way down the first page

Your story should begin two lines below the title

Single space

Please use Times New Roman or Ariel typefaces, stick to the same font throughout your story.

Keep your font to size 12.

Indent the first line of new paragraphs and dialogue with a single tab

Text should be aligned on the left (with the exception of new paragraphs and new lines of dialogue), and not aligned on the right.

Dialogue should be in single speech marks 'like this' whereas quotes within dialogue should be in double "speech marks".

If there is a change of scene or your story jumps forward or backward in time, please signify the change with a single * centrally positioned between the paragraphs where the change occurs.

All stories should be spell-checked, and written in English - although US spellings are acceptable.

Please do not number your pages

Please do not include the total number of words

At the end of your story please leave two spaces and type: The End
Please position this centrally

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