Daily Prompt Challenge

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For those of you who enjoy a challenge, why not try The Writer's Notebook's Daily Prompt Challenge? And you could have your short story published on our Challenge Accepted! page

How to complete the Daily Prompt Challenge...

Can you write a short story (400-1500 words) and incorporate ALL of the daily prompts from one day?

You can take as long as you need to finish writing the story, the only requirement is that all the prompts from one date are included.

So you might have some keywords to weave into the narrative, a starting sentence and a character name, or you might have a setting, character and an object...

If you can complete the challenge, share your story with our readers by posting it in the comments box below. Whenever you take part in one of our challenges or games don't forget to add a link to your Twitter, Facebook or Amazon Author Page so our readers can find your published books.

Remember by sharing your short story on this page it will not be included in the monthly competition, this is purely for fun and potential feedback. If, however, your story could fit an upcoming theme, why not hold onto it and send it as a competition entry?

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