Disorderly Lives - Available to buy now

After a long exciting year choosing our winning stories, the wait is over for our winners to see their stories in print. Disorderly Lives is now available to buy via Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions

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It is also available internationally - just go to your local Amazon website and search for 'Disorderly Lives' or look up our ISBN: 9781512093124


A multi-authored anthology named Disorderly Lives may suggest a chaotic read, this is anything but. Each story is faithful to its respective theme yet the collection manages to create a strong singular tone of plot twists and turns. Reading this collection felt like an enjoyable Sunday drive: The weather may have changed from sunny to broody and back again, the villages driven through may be completely different, but ultimately you were driving down one single road, full of sharp bends and blind spots. I highly recommend you pull on those driving gloves and take this book for a spin!
A. Crocker, London

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