Short Story Competition Finalists - Jan 2017 'Bringing Down the House'

Courtesy of GrandFailure FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So the time has finally come for our final poll of the year to determine who will claim the final spot in our second anthology. This month's theme 'Bringing Down the House' has drawn some varied entries, not surprisingly - many were do to with death and final acts. Before I announce the finalists, a tip of the hat to some who came close but didn't quite make it... one, a tale of love, loss and duty during the second world war, and the other, a harrowing story told by the point of view of a young girl who witnesses the abuse suffered by her slightly older sister.

Thanks as always to all who entered, I hope to read many more of your stories once the competition re-opens after my maternity leave.

Now onto this months' finalists, which were:

Burning Desire by Pauline Gostling
News from France by Rowena Fishwick
Beyond the Glass by Tigest G Negussie

And the winner is: Burning Desire by Pauline Gostling, congratulations Pauline you have claimed the final spot in our upcoming second anthology. I will email you shortly with more details. Thanks again to everyone who entered, and I hope to read more of your entries when I return from maternity leave and begin the 2017/2018 contest later this year. Over the coming weeks I will reveal the book cover for Misshaped Dreams, and announce the publication date... you will be able to find this information on the main home screen.

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