Diana Bedrossian - Our book cover artist

Let me introduce... Diana Bedrossian, the artist who designed our book cover for Disorderly Lives.

'I find it vainly alluring by the way I scuffle to identify myself and the work that I create. Pacing back and forth in a fantasy so surreal, I always find myself curiously peering through the binoculars of my subconscious mind, trying to decipher a code which continues to be a mystery. Having been involved in an ongoing battle to identify myself as an artist and as a designer, the thought of establishing myself as a multidisciplinary, conceptual artist and designer is proving to be the most appropriate of choices.
Copyright The Writer's Notebook 2015
Being sucked into a visionary whirlwind of constant yet pleasurable struggles, I have emerged to discover the mysteries of a mind so intricate and thoughts so infinite. As an ethnic Armenian who was raised in Kuwait before coming to the UK to complete an art and design Foundation course as well as to start my current course BA (Hons) Graphic Communications at the University for the Creative Arts, it is no surprise that my artworks and designs are based on conceptual narratives highlighting the topics of identity. Through my art, I find such contentment figuring out my position in society as an artist and designer, as well as becoming a voice for those who share mutual understanding of my cultural background and personal experiences. The work I produce as an aspiring visual designer is often focused on the present moment, therefore mirroring my current state of mind in accordance to what is happening around me. It is therefore accurate to label my art as visual representations of my thoughts and feelings throughout the different phases of my life hence making my work very personal, transparent and honest.
Spontaneity is a key feature of the art that I create. My thought process resembles that of a vicious cycle; hence most of the work that I create is often a clear reflection of this. At times, having too many ideas can prove to be dangerous if not processed with sentiment. However my struggles in trying to filter out my ideas are sometimes an inspiration for my work. The anxiety built by the overwhelming amount of mental chaos that comes with generating too many ideas sometimes becomes the key element in my work.
My artwork and designs are usually highly complex and rich in intricacy. With such intricate details, I like to get viewers to take a few steps closer when viewing my art. I feel that this activates a vibe which helps create dialogue between the viewers and the artwork, allowing them to decipher the messages being communicated in my artwork. Other times I tend to create work which is larger in scale. This intends to unleash the creative spirit of the viewer and allow the art to take them wherever their imagination pleases.

I enjoy experimenting with a variety of media in my artworks. In the past, I had mostly focused on digital media as a way of self expression however now that I am developing my voice as an emerging artist and designer, I have gained confidence in drawing, screen printing, designing typography as well as building sculptures. As a young artist and designer, I hope that my creativity will impact society positively through my ability to produce work that can aid the general public to understand one another through visual communication and interpretation as well as to produce work to make haphazard lives simpler through complex and clean designs. As an artist and designer it is important to remain fluid when creating work rather than solidly deciding the sort of artist or designer that I want to become. I would like to identify myself as a creative who is open to producing work throughout all fields of art and design to share innovative ideas which aim to create a lasting impact and positive change to society. '
Diana Bedrossian