Saturday Picture Challenge

Join in our Saturday Picture Challenge

How does this writing exercise work?

Look at the image below, and let it inspire you to write something in prose or poem form which you share in the comments box below for other writer's to read and comment on.

You might come up with a piece of flash fiction, a ten word story, or the opening paragraphs to something you intend to finish at a later date. Or you could end up writing a complete story that you can save for an upcoming competition or publication - don't share in the comments box if that is your intention! 

Challenge number 26: Pyramids

Courtesy of Arvind Balaraman FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whether or not you share your writing, please feel free to show your appreciation for those who do in the comments box.

The picture will remain on the page for a week, then the image will be changed and all comments deleted, ready for the next picture challenge.

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  1. "N just like in life, they were together in death as well. Their tombs were built nearby each other."

    He said, while driving his Jeep on a winding road toward the pyramids.


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