Collaborative Short Story Game

Don't be shy...

Why not take part in our collaborative write a short story game and potentially get new followers on Twitter or Facebook?

How does our collaborative short story game work?

This is a free online game for writers of all abilities, it works a bit like those folding story games you may have played at a party.

Below you will find the beginning of a short story we can write as a group.

Think of a suitable line to follow the last line and post it in the comments box below, and it will be added to the story. 
If multiple submissions are received before I can add one to the story, I will check the time of submissions and add the one submitted first. Alternatively add the line via Twitter using @writers_sandra #collab

While the story will be intended for an adult audience, please keep it clean. Same rules apply as our Short Story competition: swearing is acceptable if it fits the story, no erotica.

If the project is successful and the story is good, there will be a poll on Facebook to give the story a title and it will be added to The Writer's Notebook Anthology as a bonus story. In which case, a list of all the contributors will follow the story - and those of you who supply links to social media accounts when you submit a line will have your name listed as a hyperlink in the e-book version of the Anthology... Giving you some free promotion!

Please note that if this story is published in the Anthology it is just a bonus story and contributors to it will not receive a share of the sale profits. That prize is just for competition winners.

'Did ya kill someone?'  He asked me in that raspy voice, his breath stinking of stale beer. He looked around the room, took a long drag on his cigarette, exhaled, and whispered, 'since this morning?

Thanks to @hotchiefaction for submitting the second line