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Short Story of the Week

We need your stories!

Want to share your short story?

How can writer's gain more readers for free? 

Simply by sharing examples of their work...  Indie authors do it all the time by having  a freebie short story or novel - usually the first part of a series. 

Those little tasters of their writing style get a readers attention and leave them wanting more.

The Short Story of the Week page works a bit like that. You can get some free publicity by writing a short story (100-4000 words, any subject/theme) and submitting it The Writer's Notebook. All stories we receive will be posted to this page for a whole week on a first come first serve basis.  So everyone will have the opportunity to have their short story on the page. 

Underneath the story will be up to two product links to books you have published on Amazon.

How to submit your short stories for Short Story of the Week:

Submissions should be either previously unpublished, or they can be from a collection you have independently published and retain the rights to.

Send your short story as a word document attachment  to: writersnotebook.sandra@gmail.com with the subject header 'Short Story of the Week'. I will reply and let you know when your short story will be posted to the page

Sorry, I cannot accept erotica short stories - but can provide links to published erotica stories (so long as the covers are not offensive)

All stories submitted as Short Story of the Week will not be entered to the competition. This is for promotional purposes only.


  1. After reading this story, I was surprised by the author's skill; to note the intensity of this piece:

    "The rope was on the far end but it was easy enough for her to reach it, all she needed to do was step inside, grab it and lasso it over a branch. Quite skillfully, she made a small loop on the long length of rope and it was soon hooked up to a tree."

    The description was perfect, streamlined, fast and effective, just like Robbyne Butter can do, not surprisingly won the history of the week for the second time.

    The author will become a known writer

  2. Thank you so much for these encouraging words. I really appreciate your kind comments.



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